Civil Works

EPC for civil work projects varies from road and bridges construction to civil and social buildings; from water treatment to tunnels and dams.

EPC is provided in high profile projects such as Cheraga road bridge RN41 and Autoroute Est-Ouest Project (Algeria), Social & Development Fund Building (Libya), Bananiers Road bridge and La Concorde Foot bridge (Algeria), and the Music House Moscow (Russia).

Target procurement according to project needs:

  • steel rebars, guard rails, bearings, waterproofing systems and rubber material for roadways;
  • structural steel and bridge elements for bridges and foot bridges;
  • lattice girders, rock bolts, wire mesh, steel spiles for tunnels;
  • Epoxy, PVC, stainless steel and duplex alloys for fertilizers;
  • special bolts, steel formworks, centering ribs, pre-shaped and pre-stressed steel for railways.


Turn key project for a road bridge

Turn key project for a road bridge

Engineering and realization of tunnels